AI TestPredictor

AI TestPredictor

The first entirely data-driven testing tool


The first entirely data-driven testing tool

Test right and test faster with AI and automation

Bottlenecks. Test pack bloat. Continuous release can cause constant headaches, but we have the cure. Remove redundant tests to increase velocity. AI TestPredictor infuses risk-based testing with artificial intelligence and automation to deliver new levels of speed and accuracy.


Fewer tests = faster time-to-release + higher ROI

Supercharged by ML algorithms,
AI TestPredictor quickly and accurately detects:

  • Features of tests that lead to failure
  • Areas of code at high risk for bugs
  • Potential coverage gaps

You get better results with fewer tests, saving worktime and costs with no quality compromise.



Bring out your data’s inner genius

Eliminate risks of test planning based on tester/manager sentiment. Data-driven testing leads to better, more insightful and informed decisions.
And you already have all the data you need. AI TestPredictor applies AI and automation to data drawn from existing systems and tools.  

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Friendly UI and easy integration

Start-up’s simple. AI TestPredictor integrates seamlessly with your organization’s testing tools, as well as monitoring tools such as the QTDashboard from Qualitest. A user-friendly web interface makes monitoring and evaluation smooth and easy too.

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Smart today–automatically smarter tomorrow

This is one tool whose edge gets sharper over time. AI TestPredictor automatically becomes more accurate as test cases are predicted and run and more sources of data are added. You don’t have to do a thing.

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Regression testing reinvented with AI