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Build a Robust Cyber Security Strategy Using AI & Machine Learning

You can’t deny everyone’s current obsession with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The ‘wow’ factor of AI amazes us with its ever-evolving impact our daily lives. From...Read More

The Great Race for 5G, as seen by the U.S. and Europe

An August 2017 Gartner survey found that 75% of people are OK paying more for 5G in exchange for new 5G mobile and IoT capabilities. ...Read More

Social Engineering: It Takes a Thief

Social engineering involves taking advantage of the kindness of strangers, informally breaking through cyber security.Read More

Are You Sure?!?!?

Death and destruction is imminent!  … or maybe not.  At least that was the false message in Hawaii and Japan earlier this month regarding incoming...Read More

SOA is Not DOA — It is Alive and Well

Is SOA DOA? Not by a long shot, and here is why...Read More