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The Qualitest QHackers Event– A Testing Hackathon to Remember

As the world’s most customer-centric and innovative software testing company, Qualitest actively participates, hosts and sponsors many events related to software testing around the globe....Read More

Cyber Security – Are We Doing It Wrong?

Cyber Security Needs a Paradigm Shift Now Read More

Qualitest’s Neri Lavi Joins Healthcare Weekly Magazine’s Podcast to Discuss the Role of AI in the Future of Medical Device Testing

When it comes to medical devices, the risk involved in the quality assurance process are higher than any other test scenario. After all, a human...Read More

Podcast: Insights Into a Successful Career in Software Testing

There are misconceptions around software testing, its role and its relationship with development. Can anyone become a software testing engineer? What are the traits and...Read More

The recipe for leadership

Shay Balmas (35) started out as a Qualitester two years ago. He didn't imagine that after six months in Qualitest, he would manage dozens of employees and lead a huge project done in collaboration with one of the world's largest companies in the chip industry. "Qualitest believed in me and gave me the reins, and I returned with a project that draws compliments from the client".Read More