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New Testing Show Podcast: Agile Testing—From DevOps to Continuous Delivery

Is your organization truly Agile, or is it stuck in the state of Scrummerfall—going through Agile-prescribed motions but not really moving out of a mini-waterfall...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast: Cyber Security – The Need for a Paradigm Shift

To continue offering value to their customers, cyber security professionals must adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape. Despite that, we’re still not seeing a major...Read More

What Can Drake Lyrics Teach Us About Recruiting Quality Engineers?

By: Tiago Gouveia, People Lead at Qualitest, Lisbon When it comes to lyrical genius, I don’t think they come any more talented than Canadian singer...Read More

New Testing Show Podcast: Test Coverage – An Expert Evaluation

Test coverage, apart from being a crucial factor in software maintenance, indicates software quality. It acts as a metric for measuring the quantity of testing...Read More

Quality is Doomed without AI Driven Quality Engineering

Last week Qualitest acquired AlgoTrace, an advanced data science company that focuses on building AI and automated machine learning tools.Read More