Education and Academic Testing Services

Education and Academic Testing Services

Higher education is evolving and adapting, presenting new challenges to traditional IT service delivery. QualiTest has gained prolific experience and expertise from working with our clients, allowing us to deliver solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

QualiTest offers expert outsourced educational and academic software testing services. For over a decade, QualiTest has amassed industry-specific expertise in providing tailored software testing solutions for the educational market. Our educational services team creates replicable, evaluable solutions by making use of best practices and structured processes, providing continuous quality improvement.

QualiTest’s educational and academic software testing services team provides a unique combination of business expertise, diagnostic skills, domain knowledge, and technical aptitude. Working closely with the client to gain an in-depth understanding of the business’s unique requirements enables us to create tailored testing solutions and a quantifiable impact on the business. Integration of large, widely-distributed systems is becoming increasingly complex, and QualiTest’s testing services are designed to diagnose and manage these effectively within your timeline and budget.

The great thing is costs were reasonable, my team didn't have to leave the office, it barely had an impact on workload, it addresses the need and desire for training and the team have a clearer view of test process and test techniques.

Glen Beckett, BSkyB

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Challenges of Education Testing

Most organizations are faced with these two challenges:

Evolving technology

Now that all students, faculty, and staff have access to powerful devices like smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT professionals to keep up. Our web/mobile services testing experts handle every aspect for this type of testing, covering both functional and non-functional requirements. Our customers are confident that their apps are free from all major defects and that they can handle their predicted volume of traffic.

Educating in the Cloud

As institutions move to cloud-based computing systems, they open themselves up to security and privacy vulnerabilities. Cloud applications require much more intensive tests which probe functionality, performance and security at all layers such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Our cloud testing experts are experienced in testing SOA and SaaS-based applications; we provide cloud testing services such as end-to-end system testing, load/performance testing, and security testing.
Mobile Testing Services

The benefits of using QualiTest’s testing services include:

  • Quality Insight – QualiTest can provide you with peace of mind and assurance of a clear insight into the quality of your product.
  • No lead time – Reduce application time to market
  • Competitive pricing – Take advantage of our existing operation at competitive pricing
  • Expert Knowledge – The QualiTest Team provides a unique combination of business consulting expertise, problem diagnosis skills, domain knowledge and technology capabilities to better your product
  • Quality Improvement– Our experienced testing engineers can increase your testing coverage and assure new quality standards.
  • Comprehensive Test Coverage – QualiTest rigorously tests your mission critical applications to ensure security, compatibility and reliability.

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