Healthcare IT Testing Services

With the increasing demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, and end-user technology compliance, testing of healthcare applications involves deep technology expertise, significant time and resources, and inflated costs. QualiTest has many years of experience in healthcare software testing while applying manual and automated testing towards healthcare applications, allowing us to take the burden off you.

Healthcare Test Acceleration Labs

To efficiently conduct revenue impact testing, as well as both internal and external IT testing, QualiTest established the Healthcare Test Acceleration Labs, physical test labs where various accelerators are developed and used, manned by test engineers who are experienced in a wide variety of systems and who can implement solutions for clients’ unique needs and concerns.

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EHR Testing Services

Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are at the center of the Healthcare IT transformation. With the CMS’s EHR Incentive Program providing compensation to Providers who can document achievement of Meaningful Use objectives, EHR systems from a wide variety of vendors are being deployed at hospitals, clinics, and practices. QualiTest, the world’s second largest independent software testing and QA company, has extensive real-world EHR testing experience with EHR systems from many leading vendors.

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Healthcare Regulations Testing

As a Healthcare professional, you know there are already a lot of irons in the regulatory fire: ICD-10, HIPAA, 5010, ARRA/HITECH, Meaningful Use, PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). All of these initiatives are coming into force in the next few years, if they haven’t already. As daunting as it may seem, now is the time to strike.

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Software Testing Services for Healthcare Payers

Healthcare payers rely on Core Administrative IT platforms to facilitate most of their key functions. Membership enrollment, eligibility, subscriber inquiries, providers, and claims adjudication are just some of the major functions entrusted to these systems. QualiTest has a multitude of experience testing systems from many of the leading suppliers.

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Meaningful Use

Internalizing the standards of Meaningful Use will eventually lead to positive ROI through simple cost reduction. To qualify for incentives, hospitals or independent providers must prove that they have been using an ONC-Certified EHR system in a meaningful way for a minimum period of time. QualiTest’s services can prove to be a large help in this hurdle. Our services include:

  • Impact Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Workflow and Business Rules Assessment
  • Internal Readiness Testing
  • Third-Party Integration and Migration Testing
  • Software Compliance Testing and Reporting
  • Stage 1, 2, and 3 Compliance Reporting
  • Security Assessment & Remediation Plans

Automated Regression Testing

For the most accurate and efficient ICD-10 testing, QualiTest recommends that organizations automate their repetitive ICD-10 testing scenarios by using test accelerators. Test Automation lowers costs while increasing speed and efficiency by minimizing human error; because the tests are mostly run by the computer by following the rules set by testers, there is a smaller margin of error and a faster rate of completion. Systems and applications that go through automated regression testing will be available for use sooner than those which are tested manually, which allows businesses to resume serving their customers sooner.

Internal ICD-10 Testing

QualiTest offers a holistic testing approach which provides an end-to-end test at a fraction of the cost compared to current market approaches. QualiTest understands the challenges and risks involved in ICD-10 transformation across the healthcare spectrum, including providers, payers, clearinghouses, and vendors. Our comprehensive approach encompasses both internal and external testing, another way we dramatically reduce costs.

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ICD-10 External and Revenue Impact Testing

QualiTest provides end-to-end testing of systems/applications and their interoperability across the healthcare spectrum including providers, payers, clearinghouses, and third party vendors and administrators.
Because the Golden dataset contains 5010 claims (837) in both ICD-9 and ICD-10, revenue impact testing can be started immediately as soon as payer systems are ready. Revenue impact testing can be done concurrently throughout the testing cycle without any disruption to internal testing.
ICD-9 and ICD-10 5010 claim reimbursements/remittance advices (835) would be compared and resolved for unexpected variances.

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