Telecom Testing Services

Telecom Testing Services

Telecommunications testing suffers from a variety of complexities: new backbone and IoT technologies, stronger customer demand for high quality service, supporting device fragmentation, and preventing revenue and fraud leakage. QualiTest differentiates itself by helping telecom leaders comprehensively tackle these nightmare scenarios which are battled every day.

NFV Testing Services

QualiTest’s NFV solution is comprised of a comprehensive team of consultants and thought leaders specializing in NFV implementation and testing. We help our customers transform their physical network into a visualized network, with innovative strategies aligned to the specific needs of the industry. We provide a full assurance solution for validating NFV Management and Orchestration, infrastructure and migration.

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Roaming Testing

International roaming is a key growth area for operators, with the increasing demand for constant connectivity and quality of service while roaming abroad. Through deep understanding of Roaming Testing needs, QualiTest has created an innovative, flexible and cost effective joint Roaming Test Solution with BluGem Communications. The solution combines our Managed Crowd Testing Service, providing a dedicated team of professional testers in over 220 countries, with BluGem’s established real-time Test Call Generation with full end-to-end CDR reconciliation and rating, designed to protect revenue and give the coverage  your business demands.

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Billing Testing

New and innovative options for billing models are continuously being added and incorporated into the offerings by service providers. When you are constantly modifying your billing software, it can be easy to output software bugs that cause mistakes, costing you time, money and customers. QualiTest has developed a comprehensive methodology to test billing systems.

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RF Testing

QualiTest has developed a unique methodology to effectively test Radio Frequency. Our test scripts can simultaneously test multiple boards and have the ability to run for long periods of time or until failure. The tests include various wireless communication methods and memory checks, and are run in different threads. This allows the users to use one application to test multiple types of the devices at the same time.

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MVNO Testing

QualiTest has invested an abundance of time and resources into expanding their mobile test automation capabilities. Our end-to-end testing scope includes a complete service proposition and infrastructure, including business processes and the mobile network integration. By creating a clear, pragmatic test strategy and utilizing the benefits of crowdtesting, we can ensure that your MVNO services will be thoroughly tested within your time frame.

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Internet of Things

QualiTest’s knowledge of the internet of things (IOT) ensures that we can comprehensively test and validate the IOT devices with mobile networks. With a GSMA certification, we have established a list of tests to provide a process for ensuring that the mobile network is not negatively impacted and works correctly with the required devices. Through our partnership with Anritsu, we ensure that you are provided with the best tools to be paired with the best testing services.

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Working with QualiTest enabled us to launch our mobile brand in a very short period of time, with the confidence that it was a reliable and high-quality product.

Patricio Lobos, Quam Director in Argentina

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