Testing Services

Testing Services

Current economic dynamics present many challenges to companies as they try to meet their current QA and testing goals. Understanding the challenges, QualiTest has developed engagement models tailored to reflect the maturity, complexity, technology, process and other factors that drive a successful project delivery. Customers can choose how to receive software testing services based on time, cost, size, needs and other criteria.

Managed Testing Services

Commitment to deliver an outcome

  • Long term partnership
  • Output based delivery according to an SLA
  • Customer hands over testing responsibility
  • Continuous measured improvement
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Independent Testing

Take advantage of an outside testing vendor who is a specialist at pure play independent software testing.

  • Measurable Testing Deliverables
  • Impartial Quality Assessment
  • Enjoy a Flexible and Efficient Testing Team
  • No Hidden Fees
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Managed Crowd Testing

The power of the crowd to help you:

  • Increase Coverage
  • Faster, better and more effective results.
  • Run real world tests on real devices
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Outcome-Based Testing

Get true value based on outcomes

  • Pre-defined quality and service levels.
  • Tailored to your needs.
  • Contractual guarantees
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Test Environment Management

Get the right environment fast and affordable.

  • Timely and proper set up and management of your test environments.
  • Vast knowledge and expertise of regulatory and security constraints.
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DevOps Testing

Dramatically optimize your SDLC

  • Shift towards a focus with interoperability
  • QA, Devs and Business will work togather.
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QualiTest Staffing

We provide resources when you need them

  • Dynamic and flexible staffing
  • Augment your QA team with field experts
  • Quick ramp up and ramp down of resources
  • Rapid access to missing capabilities and skills
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Right-Shore Testing

Resources when and where you need them

QualiTest can provide Managed Testing Services (MTS) through a mixture of testing Off-shore, On-site and On-shore modules. According to your needs and requirements, QualiTest can tailor the right solution for you.

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Software Testing Consulting

Improve your testing process

  • On-going professional support
  • Integrate leading testing methodologies
  • Access to large talent pool
  • Improve your overall testing, QA effectiveness, and efficiency.
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Risk Management

Creating software can be inherently risky

  • QualiTest has many years of experience in testing product to ensure security and compliance
  • Limit your fear by navigating the risks and hazards
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Testing For Startups

Ensure your Startup gets the best start

  • Flexible coverage.
  • Learn about the best testing practices.
  • Leverage on-going support.
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Software Testing Projects

Ensures quality across the entire testing process

  • Set-term outsourcing
  • Project-based agreement
  • Project deliverables coordination
  • Insurance of resource availability at key milestones
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Testing Knowledge management

Knowledge is essential to assure your product quality

  • Organization and mapping of all existing relevant knowledge
  • Creation of a knowledge overview of your test team
  • Development of a comprehensive training platform
  • Ensure your testers proceed through training session at their own speed
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Acceptance Test Driven Development

An impressive Agile SDLC approach

  • A complete system breakdown, detailing your system’s structure and how we plan to test it.
  • Discover any weaknesses, each bug, its severity, location and much more.
  • On-going support is provided from QualiTest.
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