DevOps Testing

DevOps Testing

It is tricky to properly implement testing in a DevOps environment.  To this end, QualiTest creates test scripts to provide developers with Continuous Testing and automates reporting to satisfy the needs of all stakeholder teams.  This enables companies to dramatically optimize their SDLC through interoperability of the SQA team itself.

The Lure of DevOps
The world is pushing for shorter and more efficient SDLC’s, with an “adapt or die!” attitude.
You have made the switch, becoming more productive, more agile, and are enjoying the improved time to market.  You can now build, test and release software more rapidly, frequently, and reliably!  Agile has its quick sprints and acknowledgement of cross-functional teams, and Lean has continuous improvements including rapid testing but only pushes for test automation if it is recognized to reduce waste.  While both dovetail nicely with DevOps, neither specifically addresses modifying a silo approach that can lead to communication and collaboration breakdowns between the project stakeholders – Development, QA, and Business – which threatens to dampen the SDLC process.
Is Your Software Testing Capable?
But the expanded role of QA and software testing
in DevOps introduces many justified fears.
With the multitude of devices, browsers, configurations, and geographical restraints, it can be impossible to fully test your software and launch within your targeted time frame. Whether you need exploratory functional testing (by users who know similar products), execution from your own testing suite, or expert specialty testing (“How secure is my website?”), crowd testing expands your coverage while saving time and money Out-sourced QA and software testing is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get (random quality, long ramp-ups, questionable ROI)
Is it technical and business savvy enough for your needs?
Can it align to your business environment and alert Development to scenarios before testing even begins?
Can it ramp-up quickly
to your specific needs, already expert in the details of your industry?
Can it create maintainable automated test scripts with the coverage you need in a timely manner?
What You Need for DevOps to Succeed
Our solution at QualiTest is to leverage our work using the cultural shift that is DevOps.  Since each stakeholder must do what they do in the quickest, cleanest most transparent way possible, sharing information in a synergistic way, we must fit seamlessly into this DevOps team with your business assurance concerns in mind.  The same effort that goes into building an integrated system goes into building the team that creates the integrated system.
Here’s what DevOps means for QA:

We “get it” —

we begin with deep industry understanding and strong technical skills, including industry-standard validation requirements. There’s no need to worry about ramp up time learning the industry and validation requirements, because we already know it.

We quickly learn

and align ourselves with your goals and needs, enabling you to deploy software you trust, while taking your business context into account. We will partner with you and jointly succeed, which can include teaching you how to maintain and add to our test cases as your system evolves.

We make

Development aware of our scenarios so that bugs and design flaws can be caught before the first software build, when they will be easier and cheaper to fix.

We automate

our testing so that test case execution is not a time drain on SDLC. Even re-released patches can be tested quickly and fully. Test case modification and upkeep do not impact actual testing time.

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