Right-Shore Testing

Right-Shore Testing

The important but contradictory factors of cost, proximity and convenience complicate the merits of any testing solution.  QualiTest designs a solution tailored to your needs and requirements, which may range from a single test team working solely in one location to a combined effort from multiple sets of our worldwide testing experts.

icon-offshoreTesting Off-Shore

Contemporary corporations are gaining efficiency by using world economies to their advantage for carrying out work. When utilizing Off-Shore software testing, India is popular for us, but our Romania office may be more convenient for EMEA. Testing Off-Shore will allow you to take advantage of our team at QualiTest India, carrying out packets of work at highly competitive prices while maintaining quality levels.

icon-onshoreOn-Site Testing Services

On-Site Testing Services are comprised of a QualiTest team located on-site and providing software testing services right at the client’s place of business. When your testing operation is immediately accessible by your developing team, you can expect a fast pace, high quality and full transparency.

On-Shore Testing Services icon-onsite

QualiTest On-Shore testing services are provided at one of QualiTest’s On-Shore QA Center of Excellence (QA-COE), located within a 2-hour drive of our clients’ sites. Providing this independent testing solution from a nearby test center assures high quality, fast response, flexible manpower needs, and high-end facilities.

Managed Crowd Testing icon-crowdtesting

Crowd testing software is a great way to eliminate usage bugs. By allowing users all over the world to test the application across a variety of devices, service providers, and regional constraints, we gain a much deeper understanding of the issues that a user will encounter, no matter where they are. Managed crowd testing with QualiTest means a higher pedigree of testers working across the globe, leveraged with the same high quality our clients are used to with our more traditional testing methods.