Mobile Testing Services

Mobile Testing Services

Do you need a comprehensive mobile testing solutions that exceed your in-house capacity? QualiTest is prepared with fully equipped mobile testing labs, mobile test automation frameworks and managed crowd testing to ensure maximum test coverage in minimum time.

Mobile Testing Services

Mobile presence is now a business must-have, and companies with minimal to no presence are seen as lagging.  Enterprise-developed apps are the new normal. You need proper coverage to address:

  • Time-to-market pressures
  • Performance concerns
  • User experience
  • Screen resolution and processing abilities
  • Device and OS fragmentation

A great user experience defines success, and your app must solve a problem for the user. Functionality is not enough to show mobile value.

Mobile users have high expectations, which must be reflected in your mobile applications and their usability, performance and features, always keeping your customers in mind for a great user experience.  And Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) wraps security into the basic assumption of a now-safe mobile world, regardless of the truth.  Wireless beacon usage, which integrates the user with their immediate surroundings, will continue to grow in importance.  Like it or not, this is what the world of mobile has become today, and what user experience demands.
Mobile Testing Risks

The many possible paths to failure include lack of mobile presence, lack of functionality and performance/ scalability problems.  A great user experience (not just “Does it work?”) defines success, and suffers from risks as simple as compatability issues.  And while a user may not know whose app jeopardized their security, you know that safety is your responsibility.

Lack of mobile presence

Lack of functionality and performance / scalability

Lack of device and/or browser compatibility

Mobile app testing is not the same as software testing, and mobile apps are much more than small programs with less functionality and fewer challenges.  Each physical device impacts the user experience with thousands of devices to choose from, with Android having the greatest fragmentation.  Localization testing must validate context and content, and security must be ensured.

User experience expectations must be predicted and met.

The QualiTest Advantage

End user experience – The world’s reaction to your app isn’t just about what your app does, it is about what it is expected to be vs. what it actually does.  In this world of easy social media, knowing how a critical eye will see your app is crucial for preventing a negative perception.  Managed crowd testing provides an easy way to leverage this knowledge.

Real devices and device management solutions – We prefer testing on real Android, iOS, Microsoft and Blackberry devices to determine how your app integrates with each device OS, alongside cost effective solutions like emulators. We also offer a device management system that can be installed on your premises access to devices anywhere around the globe, managing access policy and device reservation.

Tools Expertise – QualiTest’s tool expertise and agnosticism allows us to provide you with the best tools for your needs.

Usability – Novices care about learning issues like online help, warnings and helpful default settings, while experts care about daily use issues like speed, settings options, expanded capabilities, and fewer keystrokes per action.

Private labs – Our UK, US, India and Israel test labs can help you test your app in a public or private cloud, or we can set up a mobile testing lab on your premises.  Test labs help reduce your time-to-market.  Our experienced mobile testing engineers can increase your test coverage and assure new quality standards, including measuring app performance and security.

Partnerships – Working with QualiTest gives you access to some of the best software testing technology available.  We work closely with each partner to maximize synergy, ensuring that our clients receive the benefits. QualiTest’s tool partners include BluGem, Experitest, Keynote Mobile Testing, Neotys, Perfecto Mobile, Sauce Labs, Smartbear, TestObject and TestPlant.


Automation – Careful planning and design work is crucial when creating a smart mobile test automation plan.  While automation can help cut testing time, we should keep in mind that lots of manual mobile testing is required and that not everything can be automated.

Managed crowd testing – Managed crowd testing allows a low noise introduction to crowd testing, to enable you to focus on your specific needs, what to test, any specific demographic background or target group, and testing devices for your mobile app or website. A dedicated delivery manager will manage and deliver requirements, gather needs, and manage any sample scenarios, preconditions, instructions, known bugs or detailed test plans that require handling, as well as governance and legal structures (such as NDA’s).  They will also filter, rate and categorize crowd-reported bugs and summarize the testing cycle for the client.   Crowd testing enables you to cover more devices faster and leverage localization, Ux and compatibility testing, and solicit real Ux  feedback delivered on a continuous basis, enabling Ux trend over time of your website or app.  It best complements, not replaces, your test team.

Performance – Delays are far less tolerable on phone apps, in terms of user experience.  Users demand a rapid response; speed is a must-have priority.

Accessibility – reports that almost 1 in 5 people have some sort of disability. We can advise you on being more inclusive of this population segment. Accessibility is a vital testing component.

Privacy and security – People trust their phones intimately, so any vulnerabilities must be neutralized before deployment to keep your users safe from potential breaches.

Functional – The first question is always “Does it do what it is supposed to do?”  This comes straight from the what-is-expected part of the requirements.  The release checklist details all of this, from validating that you can get good things done to validating that bad things are handled in the manner defined.

Roaming testing – We help carrier companies validate their network regarding potential revenue and fraud leakage.

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