Test Automation

Test Automation

Properly implementing test methodologies, employing the best testers or choosing the correct tools can make or break your business. QualiTest specializes in test automation, and can assist in automating your projects at any stage that you require.

The Need for Speed – Test Automation is not just a “nice to have”

In today’s shift towards Agile and DevOps and frequent builds, companies demand faster, more comprehensive testing to improve quality and your time to market

Manually testing each build is an unacceptable time drain. Automation allows QA to spend most of its time outside of SDLC execution time, allowing testing to run unattended 24×7! With the press of a button, regression testing can be completed without the risk of human error from executing boring, repetitive, similar test cases, ensuring that your latest build breaks nothing. Easy scalability allows increased E2E coverage with barely any impact to your schedule, and then the test results can be automatically sent to test management tools for analysis as you see fit.

test automation

Why over 60% of test automation projects fail

While the benefit of running test scripts overnight without labor expenses has wide appeal, the high failure rate of test automation projects (over 60%) scares off many of you who were already questioning the upfront expenses before any ROI visibility.


The automation
testers lack basic manual tester skills (needed to envision thorough scenarios, to avoid sloppy coverage) and/or automation skills (needed for proper implementation, way beyond record-and-playback)


The wrong automation tools and/or frameworks are used.


Regression test scripts grow stale instead of evolving with product changes.


Having an incomplete plan, especially regarding CAPEX, and testing that is non-GUI and non-functional.


Demanding 100% automation, and automating test cases that shouldn’t be.


Deciding that automation is an add-in side job instead of part of the overall strategy

Why our test automation projects succeed

QualiTest’s mission is to partner with each of our clients in order to achieve full alignment and enable our clients to deploy software they trust We do this by working closely to ensure that we have grasped their business needs, instead of merely testing for technical consistency and requirement compliance.

To provide testing services and business assurance, we create our testing teams by employing Expert Users with deep industry understanding, as well as test engineer professionals with strong technical expertise. In this way, our subject matter experts lead the team on business flows and assurance, while the test engineers develop the automation framework and write test cases. Our clients and support systems are then trained on utilizing the designed system, as well as empowered to meet maintenance and update requirements.

We value our deep industry and technology understanding to thoroughly align to business goals and focus on the client’s ROI. We utilize these business assurance practices to work with our clients to utilize outcome-driven engagement models leveraging SLAs, and KPIs that focus on quality improvement.

QualiTest was engaged by the Florida Hospital Quality Assurance department to assist in creating a test automation solution for a new registration system we are implementing. QualiTest assisted by developing an automation framework to script, execute, provide source control and integration with our Quality Assurance tracking tools. I found them to be highly qualified, flexible and provided great value. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in test automation.

Marshall Ebright, Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital