Test Automation

Test Automation

Automated software testing is critical to success in today’s competitive business climate. To get it right, you need to employ top testers who implement innovative automation frameworks using the most current tools. As test automation specialists, QualiTest offers a comprehensive range of test automation services to meet your goal of increasing velocity throughout the software development lifecycle.

The Need for Speed

With the current trend towards Agile software development, DevOps and frequent builds, you need faster, more comprehensive testing to improve both quality and velocity.

Effective Agile and DevOps testing involves practices such as ‘shift left’ and continuous testing – automated software testing is the basis of these practices. In ‘shift left’, testing begins in development. It begins with automating the unit test layer and effectively creates a pyramid whereby the bulk of the testing takes place in the unit and API layers. This increases velocity because less testing is needed at the UI level.

Continuous testing is the backbone of continuous integration. It is the execution of automated tests throughout the delivery pipeline, and involves running risk-based, automated regression tests prior to each deployment within the pipeline, including post-production health checks.

test automation

The Limitations of Traditional Test Automation

We all understand the time and cost benefits of running automated test scripts continuously and implementing automated feedback loops. But, given the high failure rate of test automation projects – over 60% – not to mention the upfront costs, you may be wondering whether test automation is for you.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why test automation may fail:


Automation testers may lack basic manual testing skills (needed to envision complex scenarios to ensure thorough test coverage), and/or automation skills (needed for proper implementation beyond simple record-and-playback).


The wrong automation tools and/or frameworks may have been used.


The regression test scripts used may not have evolved with product changes.


The testing plan may have been incomplete and may not have included GUI or functional testing.


Automated testing may have been carried out across the board, even on those test cases for which it is not suited.


Automation may have been added on as an afterthought, rather than being part of the overall testing strategy.

The QualiTest Distinction

At QualiTest, we work with our clients to understand their specific requirements. Then we deliver a customized test automation solution that meets your needs, whether a simple one-time solution, or a comprehensive solution that includes implementing automation throughout the DevOps continuous integration pipeline, or developing in-sprint automation for Agile teams. We also develop project-specific solutions, including automated regression suites.

Our goal is to increase your ROI. That’s why each of our teams is made up of:

  • subject matter experts with deep industry understanding – responsible for business flows and assurance; and
  • test engineering professionals with strong technical expertise – responsible for developing the automation framework and writing test cases.

We combine these crucial elements to create the right test automation services for you, providing additional value through comprehensive training for the use and maintenance of your test automation.

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