Test Process Improvement

Test Process Improvement

Test Process Improvement (TPI) systematically assesses your company’s testing maturity, specifically your strengths and deficits.  QualiTest uses TPI to formulate strategies for advancing your in-house testing, to provide you with better QA effectiveness and efficiency and to improve the overall speed and quality of your SDLC.

What is TPI?

Test Process Improvement (TPI*) offers insight regarding the “maturity” of your test processes and, based on this understanding, the model helps to define gradual and controllable steps for improvement. This process is instrumental in advancing the quality of the QA and Software Testing organizations. QualiTest has successfully implemented TPI for hundreds of customers.

What are the Risks?

Testing can become entrenched with its own inefficiencies, failing to evolve with changing times.  Your Quality Assurance department may suffer from quality issues.  Despite good people and good intentions, these things happen, requiring an independent assessment to spot the risks and define a needed course corrections for your business.  Recognizing the need to improve is not enough; you still need a path of steps for improving the test process.

The QualiTest Advantage

QualiTest can help steer you back in the right direction. We measure various aspects of your testing process for maturity which we then use to identify actions so you can instigate change management to improve your performance, based on your specific strengths and weaknesses. From there, using our deep understanding of testing and comprehensive knowledge of improvement paths, we personalize a plan of action for you:

  • Create awareness
  • Determine your Goal, Scope and Approach
  • Assess the Current Situation
  • Define Improvements
  • Make a Plan of Action
  • Implement those Actions

Evaluate your current status, and redirect your actions back to the previous steps as needed.
Our next step is to create a TPI matrix of 20 key assessed areas, with 4 maturity level ratings. Our many years of successful experience help us with these assessments:

  • Initial – Performing activities “ad-hoc”
  • Controlled – Doing the Right Things (but in the wrong way)
  • Efficient – Doing the Right Things in the Right Way
  • Optimizing – Continuously Adapting the Right Things in the Right Way

From here, we determine a path for success, based on your deficits and abilities of your knowledge, tools and skill sets. Our expertise helps us determine the best trajectory based on your assets, while TPI enables easier evaluation of your structure, improves awareness, and leverages improvement efforts.

Benefits of Test Process Improvement with QualiTest

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of test activities
  • Improve the value of testing to the organization
  • Increase awareness of internal processes
  • Reduce errors, while catching bugs earlier
  • Progressive reduction of testing costs
  • Progressive reduction of testing time
  • Improving automation in your testing solution (automation often saves time and money)
  • Ensuring best-fit testing tools (for executing and managing testing)
  • Continuous monitoring of on-going processes to ensure Continuous Improvement

* TPI is a registered trademark of Sogeti