CRM Testing

CRM Testing

QualiTest has extensive experience in integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portals with other system components and customizing features to unique requirements. Our ability to establish an independent experience testing team and partner with your current CRM users allows us to provide accurate test results and assure the quality of your fully integrated and customized CRM.

CRM Testing Deliverables

  • A complete system breakdown, detailing your system’s structure and how we plan to test it.
  • Performance of the QualiTest CRM Testing Model, using the best tools and approach applicable for each area
  • A comprehensive defect report exhibits the details about each bug, its severity, location and much more.
  • Support is provided from a QualiTest senior test specialist to improve quality and incite continuous improvement.
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The QualiTest team was responsive in meeting our needs on time, thorough in their inspection of the requirements, inquisitive to resolve ambiguities. They wrote a comprehensive test plan and executed to it, working with our global development team to validate the customer solution. We look forward to engaging them again soon.

Ross Parrent, Sr. Project Manager, AVAYA

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QualiTest methodology for testing CRM and CRM validation

QualiTest’s capability for testing CRM results from a detailed methodology that includes:

  • Understanding the business processes and service policy
  • Verifying design compliance to the organization policy and processes
  • Converting the customer relationship and service processes to operational CRM test scenarios
  • Involving end users as a strategic element in the process
  • Testing compliance between the implementation and the CRM core infrastructure
  • Conversion and integration with external systems using QualiTest internal tools

CRM test areas:

  • Test algorithm for complete coverage of IVR scenarios
  • Combining automated tool (WinRunner) and unique scripts for full connectivity with tested system and CRM test tools
  • Interoperability testing of PBX and IP operators
  • Test CTI systems by using protocol analyzers while testing parameters, QOS and other KPIs
  • Testing distributed systems by using E1 and LAN simulator and testing CRM behavior under real conditions such as packet loss, jitter, latency etc.
  • Unique load and volume testing that combine calls, users and data
Mobile Testing Services

The benefits of using QualiTest CRM test services include:

  • Quality Insight – QualiTest can provide you with peace of mind and assurance of a clear insight into the quality of your system.
  • Existing testing labs with qualified testing engineers at QualiTest test centers
  • Competitive pricing – Take advantage of our existing operation at competitive pricing
  • Quality Improvement– Our experienced testing engineers can increase your testing coverage and assure new quality standards.