CRM Testing

CRM Testing

It can be difficult to integrate and maintain a CRM solution for your unique system while ensuring Big Data integrity, omni-channel sales and back office components, which is why 49% of CRM projects fail.  QualiTest helps you improve customer relationships by ensuring CRM’s recording, reporting and analyzing of data functions flawlessly across all channels, and also helps you with upgrades to the various channels and integrating systems.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) seeks to enrich customer interactions as a means of enabling increased sales and establishing customer loyalty.  Global CRM sales have doubled from 2012 (when it raked in $18B) to 2017.
Through business intelligence, omni-channel data analysis is used to determine customer-centric best practices. This knowledge, in turn, is used to implement improvements for further automating and enhancing user experience and fostering a long-term relationship.

Let’s study this sequence of events.  Sales, Marketing, Tech and Support all discuss the data analytical needs and transform their thoughts into Business Intelligence.  A means of studying customer behaviors and buying patterns through multiple channels (in-store, online computer, mobile, kiosk, etc.) is needed.  A data warehousing solution is necessary.  New technologies and/or software changes (beacons/geolocation, chatbots, VR simulation, etc.) are needed to implement the requisite changes.
But with so many changes, how do you ensure implementation without introducing flaws, especially with Forrester reporting that 49% of CRM projects fail?
QualiTest has the expertise and experience to help you reach your CRM goals.  This includes a focus on three critical areas essential to CRM solutions that are already mastered disciplines of ours:


The customer is buying something from you, wanting the best user experience possible

Data warehousing

Data that tracks user interactions and completed sales is collected and analyzed, requiring trust in the data quality

Web services

The data collection and ever- increasing mobile and online channel use require knowledge of web services, and may require adjustment based on CRM Business Intelligence

Equally important is integration testing of the interconnected systems required for CRM and which CRM helps track.  Our CRM efforts have included but are not limited to: ensuring proper installation of a problematic third-party CRM solution for government use, setting up a telecom network to interact with a CRM system, and ensuring de-identification of all Protected Personal Information (PPI) from captured user sessions.

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