Has offshoring had its day?

Has offshoring had its day?

Has offshoring had its day?


Has offshoring had its day?


Offshoring has had a huge boom throughout the past 30 years, but has it had its day as companies pursue re-shoring?


Offshoring is defined as the removal of services and processes within a business to be relocated overseas – its “offshore”. Generally, this is outsourced to companies that can provide lower costs through more favorable rates and scalability to manage peak in demands.


It’s been a working model for years and will probably continue to be an integral part of many organizations operations. But without doubt attitudes towards offshoring are changing with organizations experiencing some of the pitfalls. From a testing perspective major risk factors include a loss of quality, control and communication barriers.


But that’s not the only thing to consider when outsourcing testing. The percent of testing costs are increasing against project costs as a whole according to the World Quality Report (WGR) – so the challenge for many is how to achieve sustainability in a landscape that’s spending more and more on testing. Or put more simply, how can you achieve quality but be cost-efficient? Our answer to this is Experior’s UK based Test Center.


It’s a viable alternative to offshoring working out of our Staines office, it’s our ‘onshore offshore’ model. We are UK based so a shift to our onshore helps ensure a greater level of integration improving quality, as we can align ourselves to your businesses and processes much easier. Integrating our Test Centre helps to provide a more cost effective solution without impacting the all-important Experior quality and therefore meeting your overall testing needs.


Our consultants are not only experienced testers, we also have business process experts so we can help you optimize testing activity, reducing the reliance upon your key business resources.  We have helped organizations achieve an overall drop in the percentage of testing costs as shown below:

Customer Example

Analysis: Testing Costs 3rd Party


In summary, to answer the title of the piece, has offshore had its day? In my view it won’t be dying out. But it doesn’t have to be the only credible option for businesses who want to achieve cost-effective testing for projects. Experior’s UK based Test Center allows savings to be made without compromising on quality, offering a variety of services to meet your testing needs, so get in touch to find out more!


Originally posted November 4, 2016, by James Liasides