Ensure flawless, future-ready drone application quality.

Maximize your drone’s performance and optimize it for a rapidly evolving future with Qualitest’s comprehensive, industry-specific software testing & QA services.

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We’ll make your performance go up and costs go down.

A single error in a drone’s intricate tech ecosystem can put it on a crash course, along with your brand reputation. Wipe out your risk with Qualitest’s Next-Gen, cost-effective drone testing capabilities:

  • Real-time connected drone testing with our expertise in flying different drones and UAVs.
  • Offshore labs with ability to fly drones and test with simulators.
  • Partnership with industries, drone incubation centers and government agencies to deliver best-in-class solutions for drone testing.
  • Complete quality ownership of all components in your drone platform.

The right drone expertise for your exact requirements.

Keeping your drone software flying high and poised to land on future opportunities in the fast-changing UAV field requires just the right expertise. Qualitest is your one-stop shop and strategic quality partner to enable you to:

Test every component
Experience a rare degree of rigor with experts who will test every component of your drone platform: Ground control, flying path, image sensing, imagery analysis, connectivity, in-lab simulator testing, field testing and power consumption testing.
Automate for speed and savings
Cut time and costs and gain continuous testing feedback with our in-house test automation framework, which we’ll use to identify and automate all regression tests and integrate them into CI/CD pipeline.
Align testing with your industry
Get the tailored drone testing program you need from SMEs highly knowledgeable in the specific industries and use cases where drones have the most application: construction, agriculture, energy, logistics & transportation, defense and other commercial drone sectors.
Stay ahead of developing trends
Tap into our dynamic store of information and best practices to update your testing practices so your drone is always future-ready. Our Next-Gen Center of Excellence conducts constant research on drone software evolution.
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We’ll build in superb quality for you at every step.

Count on Qualitest to guide you through all the right steps in your quality journey and steer you away from dangerous missteps lurking along the way. Assure peak performance from your platform on its own and seamless interoperability with other systems and software.

Test Consulting and Strategy
Drone applications deal with such areas as data capture, data transfer, analytics, and integration with photogrammetry software. Our test consultants will help define your overall test strategy and identify the right mix of test coverage, environments, and testing tool ecosystem. We’ll provide a clear roadmap to reducing testing feedback time and releasing error-free application into production.
Image Analytics Testing
Drone data capture is usually in the format of images. These images are processed for analytics to drive insights that can impact business. Our test strategy is use-case aligned and deals with specific testing related to inspections and surveys.
Interoperability and Device Compatibility Testing
We’ll assess whether your drone software is interoperable with other drone platforms and conduct scenarios simulating failures and threats to validate core platform behavior. We’ll conduct compatibility tests to ensure seamless performance across devices and enhance the user experience.
Test Automation and Continuous Testing
We’ll provide in-house adaptive test automation frameworks to make automated test cases implementation easy, integrate testing with the DevOps process and achieve effective test coverage across the automation pyramid–while slashing overall costs.

A success story

IoT Innovator Achieves World-Leading Automation for Drone App

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A pioneering Client and IoT innovator needed an equally advanced test regime. Their drone software needed to be capable of status reporting and testing mid-airborne ops.

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Qualitest defined a world-class test strategy that included real-time drone flying, in-lab simulation and automation ground control. Advanced regression testing was also implemented to enhance platform stability and futureproofing.


The Client achieved world-leading drone automation capabilities. Regression coverage was improved with a three-phased testing approach: Automation scripts for ground control, remote gimbal recalibrations and solid platform stability.

They have serviced all our testing needs for several years now. The expertise of their people, and the combination of core managed service and responsive flexible resourcing, enables us to assure all our business and technical requirements change efficiently and effectively.

Jo Morris, Senior Delivery Manager, EE


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