Improve operations resilience and business performance with OT/IT convergence.

Boost efficiency, optimize distribution and enhance customer experience with our unparalleled expertise in real-time operational technology/information technology (OT/IT) implementations and storm readiness testing for utilities.


We’ll sync your systems for smoother data flow and service delivery.

Like players on a top team, your OT/IT applications, interfaces, systems, hardware, devices and components must all function perfectly individually and as an integrated unit. Skilled testing can assure seamless service delivery and streamlined business processes.

  • Ensure ADMS, AMI, MWFM, OMS, SCADA and TOA performance for real-time visibility into the control of service delivery.

  • Get OT/IT testing done thoroughly with over 20 years experience and numerous projects.

  • Achieve highest-level compliance with regulations and NERC-CIP standards.

  • Reduce testing costs up to 80% with AI-powered automation.

Deliver peak performance all the time, in any weather.

Assure fast, uninterrupted service delivery and two-way communication without compromising operational efficiency and productivity. We have been at the forefront of time-critical utilities testing for decades, giving us unique qualifications to help.

Raise Your ROI on DA Upgrades

Improve outage and fault detection on distribution lines and boost efficiency at the same time. We have years of experience testing utility devices and systems, including 10,000+ DA smart feeder and recloser switches.

Enhance UX with Failure-Proof Storm-Critical Apps

Trust our 100-year storm simulations to verify that your ADMS, AMI, MWFM, OMS, SCADA and TOA applications and interfaces will keep functioning in any weather. Keep customers safer and lift CAIDI, SAIDI and SAIFI reliability scores.

Reduce Risk and Costs with AI and Automation

Our proprietary automated, AI-driven testing technology, Qualisense, prioritizes tests by business risk, supplying deep insights into key business processes and slashing total testing time and costs.

Earn Highest-Quality Compliance Guidance

We’ll ensure you meet or exceed NERC-CIP reliability standards, committing to the same high level of compliance that earned the Gold Standard for one utility client.

Minimize Software Testing Costs
discussing quality engineering
reduce software testing costs
Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms

We’ll put your real-time systems to the test.

Let us customize a testing plan that connects all the diverse elements of your operational and information technology into one never-fail powerhouse. Optimize every second of your 24/7/365 systems with our robust, rigorous approach.

Flexible, Customized Support

We start every project from a client-centered perspective, working within your infrastructure, software and systems. We support all application types and architectures, cloud or on-premise environments, and we can bring projects to successful outcomes using Agile, traditional or hybrid methodologies.

System Integrations

Real-time system implementations involve almost countless connections and interfaces. We’ll turn integration points into sweet spots while providing project management, environmental controls, software testing or change management services.

Functional Testing

Benefit from our risk-based approach to testing, which applies scrutiny and deploys test resources to areas of greatest risk to your real-time systems: data and display conversions, interface integrations and platform configuration.

Real-Time Data & Display Engineering

Enable faster, better decision-making with constantly updated real-time data. We’ll provide all data and display maintenance services, including data modeling and testing for quality, functionality, performance and user acceptance.

Storm Readiness Performance Testing

Our proven end-to-end performance testing process provides the necessary rigor to identify the right load profiles and optimal tools to simulate large storms and assess impacts across your IT systems.

Full System Support

Qualitest can maintain your real-time system, whether it be SCADA, ADMS, TOA or another. Our engineers are experienced in data and display maintenance, OS and OEM patching, user provisioning, point release testing and general level 2 support.

The Qualitest team was very prompt in responding to our needs, in the most professional way, and helped us hit the required deadlines on time, and in quality.

Adi Miller, Senior Test Lead, Microsoft


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