Test Automation Services

Test Automation Services

Concerns such as properly implementing Test Automation methodologies, employing the best testers or choosing the correct tools can be burdensome. QualiTest has successfully completed numerous Test Automation projects, and can assist in automating your test projects at any stage that you require.

QualiTest’s Test Automation Services are customized for each client’s requirements. Our test automation frameworks execute pre-scripted tests on the application under test, simplifying much of the testing effort. Test automation allows our clients to execute tests repeatedly within a day, and have clear visibility into the outcomes of each test’s results and the state of the application.

In this world of DevOps and Agile processes with multiple releases in a day, Test Automation is becoming a key factor in software testing. In fact, we at QualiTest like to say “Test Automation is not just a “nice to have” –  it’s a must have”.

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Speed Optimization

Our test automation case studies illustrate the difference that can be achieved through a transition from manual testing to automation testing. Some manual processes that took hours or even days were shortened to minutes. In a world of DevOps, continuous delivery, and racing to market, this advantage is crucial.

Increased Test Coverage

A product should be tested several times through regression, cross-browser, and data-driven testing to succeed with comprehensive test coverage. However, with the requirement to save time and get to market, who really has the time or energy to manually perform this testing multiple times? At times, regression testing can also be nearly impossible to perform manually.

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Avoid human error

Let’s face it – to err is human. However, that’s why we have created test automation! Without a need for human intervention, there’s no chance that manual testing can become exceedingly tedious, and lead to laziness and proneness for errors.

Visibility into results

Utilizing automation allows reports to automatically be sent to test management tools, using sortable, configurable methodologies.

Test automation tools leveraged by QualiTest:


QualiTest’s test automation solutions

Enable our clients to deploy software they trust

QualiTest’s mission is to partner with each of our clients in order to achieve full alignment and enable our clients to deploy software they trust. We do this by working closely to ensure that we have grasped their business needs, instead of merely testing for technical consistency and requirement compliance.

Best testing teams

To provide test automation services and business assurance, we create the best testing teams in the world by employing Expert Users with deep industry understanding, as well as test engineer professionals with strong technical expertise. In this way, our subject matter experts lead the team on business flows and assurance, while the test engineers develop the automation framework and write test cases. Our clients and support systems are then trained on utilizing the designed system, as well as empowered to meet maintenance and update requirements.

Focus on the client’s ROI

We value our deep industry and technology understanding to thoroughly align to business goals and focus on the client’s ROI. We utilize these business assurance practices to work with our clients to utilize outcome-driven engagement models leveraging SLAs, and KPIs that focus on quality. improvement and cot reduction.

QualiTest assisted by developing a test automation framework to script, execute, provide source control and integration with our Quality Assurance tracking tools. I found them to be highly qualified, flexible and provided great value. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in test automation.

Marshall Ebright, Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital
Test Automation Services

Deliverables in Test Automation and how to calculate ROI

But how do you know that Test Automation is the right investment for you? There are a number of factors that we consider when performing a Proof of Concept:

  • Length of time to run a predefined test set manually.
  • Cost and availability of support resources necessary for manual test execution.
  • Number of times such test sets are expected to run during the agreed upon period.

Expected effort for:

  • Establishing automation infrastructure (mapping objects, reusable functions…)
  • Establishing test automation coverage utilizing above infrastructure.
  • Maintenance between each version or cycles.
  • Executing automated tests and investigating results.

Estimated value of:

  • Enabling manual testers to focus mostly on testing new functionality.
  • Shortening a test cycle by X days.
  • Increased test coverage consistency.
  • Knowledge retention.
  • Executing additional test types which couldn’t be executed earlier.

Of course, in this age of Continuous Delivery and DevOps, we see the ROI of test automation as playing a much less important factor. The real question is, do you want to be Agile? Do you want to output several releases in a day? Then test automation is a must!