Test Automation Services

Test Automation Services

Concerns such as properly implementing Test Automation methodologies, employing the best testers or choosing the correct tools can be burdensome. QualiTest has successfully completed numerous Test Automation projects, and can assist in automating your test projects at any stage that you require.

QualiTest’s automated testing services provide:

  • Test Automation Studies – Our engineers will analyze your current applications, determine those that meet ROI thresholds to justify automation, conduct Proof of Concept tests and submit a comprehensive professional plan for methods to increase your Test Automation coverage.
  • Employees – QualiTest retains qualified, experienced Test Automation engineers.
  • Test Automation Tools – With over 16 years of testing experience, QualiTest has utilized most of the Test Automation tools that are offered by the market. Whether it’s a freeware or an advanced automation framework, QualiTest knows the advantages, capabilities and interfaces of most Test Automation tools.
  • Methodology – QualiTest tailors the best Test Automation methodology to each project’s needs. Our experienced testers will evaluate your project for requirements and devise a solution for how to best approach your necessities.
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QualiTest assisted by developing a test automation framework to script, execute, provide source control and integration with our Quality Assurance tracking tools. I found them to be highly qualified, flexible and provided great value. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in test automation.

Marshall Ebright, Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital
Test Automation Services

Benefits of QualiTest’s test automation services:

  • Expedited Processes – If set up correctly and maintained accordingly, automated tests can be run quickly and frequently, at the click of a button.
  • Test Case Expertise –Certain aspects of test cases and data must be considered when ascertaining what to automate. QualiTest has determined an established criteria for test automation cases, allowing us to create your test cases in an efficient and timely way.
  • Timely Releases of Software – Automated regression tests can lead to shorter development cycles and better software quality.
  • Increased Test Coverage – QualiTest understands that some actions cannot be tested manually. Plus, regression testing, data-driven testing, and the testing of software on different platforms makes test automation a viable method of avoiding repetitive, laborious and time-consuming tests.