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Elements of Software Testing

You may know about the Periodic Table of the Elements, but what about the Periodic Table of Software Testing?

Similarly to the Chemical Elements, there are many factors, methodologies and terms that exist in the world of software testing, and just like we are STILL finding more chemical elements (the periodic table has completely changed since I was in high school!), we are still experiencing growth in terms and methods in the software testing space.

In fact, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all of them, so we created this interactive table to categorize and visually display all of the software testing elements. Please feel free to share this table with your friends on social media and download the file!




Download a printable PDF Version


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  • Ady

    Hello, I’ve been developing my own periodic table of testing and only became aware of yours today. 2nd August 2017. I’ve found another version on your site from 2014. Can I ask if you have done any further development of these or found ways in which they can be used? Thanks, Ady

    • Ady

      OK, it’s been a week and no reply. I’d really love to hear from you but appreciate it is from some time ago.

      • QualiTest

        Hi Ady,
        Thank you for your interest in our Elements of Software Testing blog post. This project is currently on hold, pending a review and update in the future. We wish you luck on your project and hope you’ll follow our blog for updates in the future.

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