Derisk Your Retail Digital Transformation

Derisk Your Retail Digital Transformation

We’ll help you send customer satisfaction soaring with a seamless digital shopping experience.

If you’re lagging behind in digital transformation, you’re jeopardizing your ability to maximize your ecommerce presence. By failing to meet customer expectations and delivering a disappointing user experience, you’re losing revenues to your competitors.

Our solutions ensure a successful launch of revenue-generating digital products that will exceed your customers’ expectations. Qualitest protects your business by assuring predictable quality, with no surprises in production.

Why Many Digital Transformations Fail

  • No end-to-end business process plan: Digital transformations need to cover every stage, from POS to warehouse to product delivery.
  • Disconnected experience: Failure to implement a continuous experience across multiple digital products only frustrates shoppers.
  • Misaligned goals: Misalignment of ecommerce development with business processes prevents implementation of successful, agile ways of working.
  • Inadequate technology: Technology is not robust enough to meet seasonal or sale-related timelines.
  • Difficult integrations: Complex integrations with legacy systems for stock and supply chain management are beyond most capabilities.
  • Misplaced priorities: User experience, shopping experience and quality are often an afterthought.
  • No trust in rushed releases: Lack of confidence in frequent software releases prohibits flash-sales.

Why Our Digital Transformation Solutions Succeed

  • We derisk cloud transition: Our solutions set new quality standards through test automation performance and cyber resilience for increased test coverage, strategically enabling an effortless digital transformation.
  • We derisk enterprise software: As a trusted partner with SAP, Oracle and other major ERP brands, Qualitest has the expertise to lessen future potential risk while assuring a unified integration experience across your enterprise.
  • We derisk digital assurance with AI: Qualisense, our AI-enabled test predictor tool, accelerates test processes to reduce business risks while providing a seamless transformation experience. Machine Learning can accelerate your testing, closing the distance to implement continuous instantly.
  • We have deep industry expertise: We bring in extensive domain expertise, from global fashion brands to grocers and multi-disciplinary departmental stores, who are driven by analytics and data science, including seamless implementations of OMS, WMS, TMS technologies among others.

Benefits from Derisking with Qualitest

  • Manage risk better with AI-powered rapid-release cycles with a continuous testing approach.
  • Get the right testing experience and expertise with our global rightshore solutions with access to 3500+ Quality Engineers across 7 countries.
  • Accelerate continuous testing with our robust, scalable and reliable test automation frameworks.
  • Validate your competitive shopping experiences with our targeted UX testing.
  • Gain unique insights from our SMEs with extensive knowledge in retail, enterprise and user experience.