Retail and eCommerce Testing

Retail and eCommerce Testing

While global retail sales are expected to climb around 20% between 2016 (around $22T) and 2020, the e-commerce portion will more than double from around $1.9T to over $4T.  Have QualiTest help you ensure that all of your retail processes are running as smooth and accurately as they should be.

QA and Retail

The retail and e-commerce marketplace suffers from tight profit margins where changes in price or user experience can often have a dramatic impact on customer behavior and the bottom line.  Retail depends on an omnichannel front-end that includes a user-friendly non-glitchy experience (with e-commerce’s high-growth mobile presence), and a heavy load of transaction data on the back-end management that impacts inventory, CRM, finance, data warehousing, often through ERP.  A digital assurance and testing strategy applied to the total structure is essential.


The Risks

A great online presence is no longer primarily driven by web/PC users.  Successful businesses must now have a strong mobile presence too, with Dscout determining that we touch our smartphones 2,617 times on an average day.  Emerging technologies such as mobile beacons will continue to push software updates to personalize the retail mobile experience.  Modernization, upgrades and special promotions may have an unintended consequence: bugs.  Systems that may work fine normally may falter under peak usage.  Tax rates and promotion codes need to get the math right.  Any digital security breach can have a catastrophic impact with the customer base.


The QualiTest Solution

QualiTest is an expert in retail testing, aligning to your project needs.  Whether you need to ensure quality of a POS/OMS/e-commerce upgrade before rollout, confirm that your new POS solution system will work before the Holiday season or need an end-to-end testing solution for the largest store card migration ever taken in the UK (see cas estudies below), QualiTest has the experience and expertise to design a customized solution for you.  Our services include:

  • Managed Crowd Testing: The growth of mobile as a retail channel continues to impress, requiring testing in real world environments, leveraging localization, usability and compatibility testing — with access to over 220 countries across 40 platforms using a demographic cross-section that you define
  • Load Testing: QualiTest’s load testing process analyzes how well your system handles normal and peak load conditions, to handle those heavy sales seasons for those must-have items
  • CRM Testing: QualiTest has a thorough methodology for testing the integrational and usability concerns for CRM portals for supporting your omni-channel needs
  • POS Testing: The in-store sales front line requires billing testing on your specific devices, focused on functionality and performance
  • OMS Testing: QualiTest will help validate your inventory and customer order tracking
  • ERP and Integration Testing: Our team will map your system structures and data flows to ensure smooth integration between your various departments
  • Data Warehouse Testing: QualiTest ensures that your solution is bug-free so you can trust your critical record-keeping, and the business intelligence based upon that data