Internet of Things Testing

Internet of Things Testing

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing device can be difficult to test, often combining new technology with rapidly-developed software on newly created hardware, where critical bugs concerning reliability, safety and performance are often overlooked. QualiTest offers comprehensive IoT testing services to ensure that your product will work flawlessly, safely, and meet necessary standards.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing
is the newest and fastest developing
sector in the testing world.

Gartner, Inc. found that firms using IoT grew  from 29% (in 2015) to 43% (for 2016), and that the initial hurdles are a lack of understanding IoT’s benefits, or how IoT can benefit them, and that nearly 26 billion devices will be on the Internet of Things by 2020. Our IoT experience can help you deploy software on devices that you and your customers can trust.

The Grand Scheme of Things

Cisco’s CEO says that the commercial opportunity for “connected products ranging from cars to household goods” is expected to reach $19 trillion. What kinds of Things are we talking about? They tend to fall into one of three categories.



range from the simple, like pet feeders, to the complex, like a factory or unmanned vehicle. Other examples include: DVR’s, home security, smart appliances, lawn watering, lighting, drones, printers, toys/games  and of course cellphones and tablets.  The 2016 Dyn DDoS attack used devices like these.

Live monitoring

and reporting things

are often medical or may involve a GPS tracking chip examples include: Heart monitors, glucose and blood pressure monitors, exercise/step monitors, sleep monitors, sports analyzers (often measuring speed or swing), vehicle trackers (which may also track driving habits), pet chips, spacesuits and weather monitors. Connectivity, privacy concerns and life-saving functionality are important here.


alerting things

(unlike complex monitoring), are often limited to simple one-way service requests. Examples include: Vending machines, egg trays, propane tanks, lightbulbs, porta-potties, and urban waste cans. In-the-wild connectivity and security are of concern.

In the Thick of Things

As our world becomes more connected, our dependency on “things” increases our risk of identity theft. More connections and endpoints mean more potential security breaches, increasing testing’s importance exponentially.

Also, everyone expects their devices (possibly in transit) to work quickly and effortlessly across various networks, to properly complete a variety of complex interactions. How many of your users will have problems?

You want to bring your launch to succeed, but are concerned that bad early reviews could damage your reputation. You have many questions.

Are we sure that it works correctly, even during worst-case scenarios?

Are there interoperability issues, with so many telecom/ wifi/router options, and connecting device options?

Is communication secure, with E2E encryption/ decryption if required?

Are there safety concerns, and are industry guidelines/ standards going to be confirmed and reported?

Can you make your advertised release date?

The QualiTest Solution: Doing the Right Thing

QualiTest offers a full range of Security, Performance, Interoperability, Robustness, In-the-Wild and Mobile App Testing. QualiTest is one of the early deployers of IoT testing.

Our experience and deep IoT technological understanding allow us to comprehensively test and validate IoT devices with networks all over the world. We answer the questions you just read above with fresh analysis every day, with each device we test. With a GSMA certification, we have established a list of tests to ensure that the mobile network is not negatively impacted and works correctly with the required devices.

We ensure that you are provided with the best tools to be paired with the best testing services, such as our partnership with Anritsu, to help analyze data loss and network faults over fiber optic lines.

The QualiTest Advantage

Using our deep industry-specific knowledge, technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets, we deliver results by combining customer-centric business models, critical thinking and the ability to gain a profound comprehension of your goals and challenges.

We utilize our regulatory requirement familiarity in many industries and countries to verify regulatory compliance, and convey the details of your compliance, so that your IoT product launch will succeed.

We align your technology and business interest with ours. Clear communication must exist between you and our skilled automation coders, working together to properly implement your needs.  This is especially important in IoT, where many devices and services are completely new, with a lot of unknowns.

We only use real devices for our testing. As a pure play testing company, we feel that emulators and simulators do not guarantee real-world results. Our comprehensive yet creative testing strategy includes controlled simulated network experiments through lab testing as well as in-the-wild real-world crowd testing exploration to more fully cover testing the system and how it interacts under a variety of conditions. Combining real devices with real networks more reliably reproduces quirks that users will encounter in the real world and expose interoperability concerns.

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