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Test Environment Management

Environment installation complexity can cause testing delays or invalidate test results.  QualiTest ensures proper and timely set up and management of your test environments, combined with design experience with many industry-specific environments with built-in regulatory and security constraints, for physical and virtual test environments.

What is Test Environment Management?

Your test environment (and the underlying IT infrastructure) is a complex foundation upon which all of your testing is based.  It must have the specified components properly installed with the right versions and configuration files and settings, and be stable and usable as expected, in a timely manner.

Despite the careful control under which testing takes place, setting up the test environment and configuration is often done on-the-fly by whoever has time instead of by having a trained expert following a set procedure.  Each environment must be easy for you to reproduce for whenever it needs to be swapped back in for reuse.

Also, you need to consider if each environment is a better fit for your test lab or in the cloud.  Virtual environments, with their scalability benefits and connections to new technology and methodologies, still have  complexity  regarding networking, hypervisors, availability, platform integration and backup/recovery.

The Risks of Ad Hoc Environments

When there are delays creating a test environment or errors setting it up, your SDLC is needlessly lengthened.  Test environment errors are often only caught when Testing is researching newly-found bugs, and by then it may require a do-over of all that release’s prior testing.
There may be no dedicated person responsible to take ownership of Test Environment Management, with test environments built ad hoc by random people assigned from QA and/or Development, or your regular in-house person may not be available on environment build day.
Often, a  misconfiguration will prevent all testing from being possible.  The problems may only show up in obscure ways, and invalidate all testing that has been done up to the point of discovery.
Simulating a production environment may be tricky due to the complexities but unavailability of the live system, due to security, due to latency concerns, or due to complexity such as from a hospital system or an NFV (Network Functions Virtualization). Rollout of your test environment is too important to leave to chance.

The QualiTest Solution

Software testing is dependent on running in a test environment.  We at QualiTest leverage our deep technology understanding to control this important first step of implementing a testing solution.  This includes our building detailed environments like VRE (Virtual Radiology Environment) and building test environments for the strict guidelines required for NFV.  Testing software requires being able to comprehend and create the base system architecture and configuration needed to properly fit your testing needs, for both lab and virtual environments.  Whether you need help building test environments, maintaining them, or both, we are experts at ramping up on this firm testing foundation.

Benefits of Test Environment Management with QualiTest:

Avoid preventable
testing schedule

Allow environments
to be set up on-demand

Expertise in both
virtual and physical

Our hardware testing knowledge increases our ramp-up speed in learning your test environment

We have experience
building test
environments for new
technologies like NFV

We have designed environments
like Virtual Radiology Environment,
complete with an expandable test
data repository with over a terabyte
of indexed, de-identified radiology

Consolidate standards
and security compliance

Eliminate applicable
vendor contracts

Improve availability,
predictability and serviceability

Cut infrastructure costs,
and eliminate test
environment infrastructure
management overhead

Minimize lead time and
provision hardware only
for the required duration,
improving your ROI

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