SAP Testing

SAP Testing

SAP testing and quality control can be difficult.  QualiTest with its SAP Test Center can improve knowledge transfer from key-users and collaboration in your SAP testing to reduce your testing efforts.

What is SAP?

SAP is at the heart of today’s business and technology revolution and the market leader of enterprise application software. Moving from traditional ERP solutions, to middle office (CRM and SRM) and front office with digital customer-facing front ends (such as Hybris for EComm), SAP is streamlining business process across your entire business. The SAP enterprise landscape, along with all your integrated systems is large, complex and continually evolving.

The Risks

Whether you are a new SAP customer undertaking your first implementation or an existing SAP user concerned about EHPs or moving to S/4 HANA, you are no doubt aware of the challenges of slow or problematic rollouts.  SAP systems are very large and complex, and “doing it right”, “doing it on-time” and “doing it on-budget” are tough promises for a CIO to make. The demands of testing are increasing in both  scale of requirements and the speed at which it is required. You need a scalable solution where test experts already versed in business process and the technologies you have, will identify the fastest and most effective route for managing your quality and business risk.

The QualiTest Solution

At QualiTest, our SAP efforts are engineered through one of our recent acquisitions, Experior Group, the only SAP certified partner in the UK dedicated to testing.  Our secret? Going in with a lean, highly skilled team who  know SAP, business processes and the technologies involved to work with your team for the accelerated change you crave and a smooth transition that creates a great user experience.

Key Benefits of SAP testing with QualiTest include:

  • Accelerate testing speed and reduce effort
  • Global scalability to meet your testing demands
  • SaaS and cloud hosting of SAP testing tools
  • Libraries of manual and automated tests
  • Dedicated BI team
  • Performance testing and tuning