Maximize your Manhattan customizations.

Pack more profitability into Manhattan supply chain solutions with customizations aligned to your business processes. Enhance user experience with a tailored testing plan from our validation, business process and software testing experts.

Manhattan Testing

Cut the complexity. Testing costs too.

Streamline operations through zero-defect Manhattan integrations with your legacy, third-party and disparate systems. Our smart testing uses the latest tools and techniques to assure affordability and quality at speed.

  • Spur quick startup with reusable Manhattan assets.

  • Double test output with no budget increase.

  • Derisk data migrations with automated reconciliation and quality checks.

  • Accelerate releases up to 6x with automation and AI.

Less stress, more success.

Leverage Manhattan’s power to forge stronger, faster connections between people, locations and workflows. Our quality engineers will make sure your configured platform delivers the outcomes you want—and they’ll make it all look easy.

Simpler Startup

Simplify requirements identification, test structuring, documentation and more from Day One with Manhattan Testing Launchpad, our collection of reusable, prebuilt templates.

Easier Planning

Benefit from our insider knowledge of when upcoming upgrades are scheduled and what you’ll need to test, both in your Manhattan estate and across your integrated Enterprise landscape.

Less SME Time

Let our experts give your experts a break! Your SMEs can rest assured your Qualitest QA team has intimate familiarity with Manhattan and every other major Enterprise technology, plus business and test processes.

Fewer Tests

Save testing time and costs with Qualisense, our proprietary testing tool, which prioritizes tests based on risk and business impact and accelerates the process with AI, ML and automation.

Minimize Software Testing Costs
Minimize Software Testing Costs
Minimize Software Testing Costs
Minimize Software Testing Costs

Optimize Manhattan’s omni opportunities.

Manhattan Active Solutions enable a unified supply chain and an exceptional, cross-platform UX. Drive new business growth and value with omnichannel optimization supported by rigorous, comprehensive testing.

Digital Transformation

Ensure your Manhattan configuration syncs across silos, platforms, networks, locations and APIs with our specialized cloud testing solutions and Agile and DevOps methodologies.

System Integration Testing

Our Enterprise expertise across numerous industries assures defect-free, user-friendly software aligned with true business processes, not just technical flow.

Data Migrations

Real-time data-sharing is key to Manhattan’s value. We assure secure data migrations from third-party platforms with data quality and integrity checks as well as automated reconciliation.

User Acceptance Testing

Be confident your reconfigured Manhattan platform will meet all customer requirements and perform perfectly in all business and user scenarios—guaranteed.

Customized Test Automation

Enterprise Cloud solutions require continuous testing, which means a constant need for speed. We’ll keep you on track with frameworks that integrate automation everywhere possible.

Accelerated Targeted Testing

More speed: Our pre-built tests and process models cut time and increase efficiency, while our proven accuracy decreases test cases and improves coverage.

Qualitest is a true test partner that is supporting our business transformation and rapid change delivery vision by providing leadership, innovation and value for Studio in the testing space.

Mike Leyland, IT Director, Studio Retail


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