Load & Performance Testing

Load & Performance Testing

Customers expect a fast and efficient user experience. If your website or application is slow, they will move on to your competitor – and may well express their dissatisfaction with you on social media as well. Load and performance testing is not only a critical part of creating a great user experience. It also protects your organization’s reputation and revenue stream. QualiTest’s comprehensive load and performance testing experts analyze normal and anticipated peak load conditions, identifying the upper limits of your operating capacity and making recommendations to ensure that your customers aren’t kept waiting.

Protecting Your Online Reputation?

Have you ever tried to buy online tickets for a concert, or to purchase that must-have gift online on Black Friday?
Ever tried to register for something on the first or last day that it’s available, or to file your taxes online just before the deadline?

So often, organizations gear up for big sales and holiday shopping, but neglect to carry out capacity benchmarking and load testing to ensure that their websites will be able to handle the increased traffic. When users are unable to complete their transactions, customers and sales are lost, along with faith in your organization.

Performance Issues are Preventable.

Performance issues are preventable, whether the cause is a memory leak, a lengthy SQL query, a simple resource problem, or a mobile quality of service (QoS) issue. Simulating load conditions consistently is best achieved through automation, which is well suited to handling test variables such as number of users, data volume and traffic loads, while weaving in different telephony call flows as necessary.

Capacity benchmarking ensures that your system survives anticipated extreme situations, and that high-volume traffic maintains not only a reasonable speed but also functionality in times of heavy loads. Proper testing may involve setting up a special environment or using a special network or series of networks.

The QualiTest Distinction

As a leading performance testing company, QualiTest can ensure that your performance scales smoothly, providing a fast and efficient experience that will keep your users happy, even in especially busy periods. From detection and analysis to corrective action, our comprehensive solution is based on your infrastructure and our comprehensive range of performance testing services.

Determining the right tests requires analyzing your product environment in terms of the number of users, data volume and traffic loads, as well as real life problems that may be encountered.

Our automated performance testing services are complemented by tools from our partners, including TestPlant, SmartBear,  Neotys, Keynote Mobile Testing and ExperiTest.

Don’t leave your website’s behavior during peak loads to chance.

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