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You expect an Agile environment. Your customers expect quality.

If your organization is on its Agile/DevOps journey – Your QA may require special attention. We will help you adapt your QA to ensure Quality is increased without slowing down your delivery pipeline.


You’re improving processes, don’t let quality fall short.

Quality Assurance should evolve to enable your agile transformation. We’ll ensure that your Quality Assurance remains intentional, effective, independent, and done with a focus on the end customer experience and your business goals, rather than a by-product of other functions in the process.

  • Increase your business confidence with an unbiased, professional QA team integrated into your Sprint.
  • Speed up your delivery velocity Solve the “QA as a bottleneck” paradigm.
  • Enhance speed and accuracy with our AI-driven products and automated frameworks.
  • Align your Quality Assurance to your business goals We will commit to your results.

Know you are doing it right.

Our technology, experience and expertise make sure you’re adapting your QA processes to your agile environment in the right way – Not compromising on your quality results, and at the same time maximizing your velocity & reducing your cost.

Have someone that always has the end customer in mind.
Our In-Sprint QA experts work with your business/product team to ensure product requirements are clear, are met, and that the intention behind the product is served.
Ensure E2E user experience verification.
Have solid automation architecture to ensure no gaps or redundancy in coverage across test levels and across applications.
Run faster.
Deploy after every sprint. Seamlessly integrate in-Sprint automation (Progression) with Enterprise-level, cross-application regression across your entire operation.
Reduce costs while achieving more.
Cut down your costs with shift-left testing, reusing in-sprint automation for E2E/regression testing and test optimization using advanced technology.

Dedicated to your quality, always.

We focus singularly on quality assurance and especially supporting organization in their Agile/DevOps journey to quality. We provide innovative and advanced testing strategies tailored to your requirements and SDLC to ensure quality at all times.

Enterprise Grade TDD (Test Driven Development)
We help organizations step out of the Wagile phase by synchronizing their entire enterprise to ensure that each iteration produces a testable, deployable unit.
Quality Enabler (QE) in the Scrum
We serve as a dedicated Quality Advocate for In-Sprint Testing to help your organization to conduct effective, efficient testing and to ensure customer end-to-end experience by validating business processes when systems integrate.
Quality Management Office (QMO)
We create a governance structure to ensure that quality standards are defined and followed across disparate teams. We enable speed, while ensuring quality and consistency.
Test ~Automation Strategy for Continuous Delivery
We provide a testing strategy that uses a build pipeline to automatically ensure correct functioning and health of applications in production-like scenarios.
Independent and Unbiased Testing
We examine functionality from your end-user perspective and make sure that the goals of the customer as well as the business are met.
Agile and DevOps Proficiency
With extensive domain knowledge and industry expertise, we are highly experienced with Agile and DevOps methodologies, enhancing test effectiveness and helping to achieve high quality in the shortest time possible.
Their technical knowledge and vision and their flexible and innovative approaches to testing have been absolutely crucial to our success… quite simply a great partner.

Shaun Kelly, IT Director, Covea Group


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