Managed Crowd Testing Services

Managed Crowd Testing Services

It is complicated creating and managing a crowd to help you increase coverage and get faster, better and more effective results. QualiTest’s Managed Crowd Testing Services allows you to run more tests on real devices by real testers in real world environments, leveraging localization, usability and compatibility testing, and solicit real user experience feedback.

Managed Crowd Testing Services

Every software development life cycle demands an answer to the question: “How do I do more for less?” regardless of whether you’re talking websites, mobile apps or email. Demand requires increasing test case coverage, where variables may concern devices, OS’s, browsers, networks/carriers, multiple languages (tested by native speakers) and regions of the world, keeping in mind that many users will not have the latest OS or browser. You can also build confidence from user experience feedback from real users – without the risk of negative commentary hitting an app store, a message board, Yelp or Google Reviews. Also, there are demands to decrease budget, time, travel and device ownership.

Managed crowd testing is simply more efficient, improving coverage regarding device fragmentation, localization and Ux, while staying ahead of schedule. Real devices are used on real networks. You can save on expenses for hardware as well as travel to the regions under test. By employing user feedback from the expanded coverage, you can create a product or service that will succeed upon release into the world.

What are the Risks of Crowd Testing?

With the multitude of devices, browsers, configurations, and geographical restraints, it can be impossible to fully test your software and launch within your targeted time frame. Whether you need exploratory functional testing (by users who know similar products), execution from your own testing suite, or expert specialty testing (“How secure is my website?”), crowd testing expands your coverage while saving time and money.
But there are risks and challenges when crowd
testing is improperly managed.
Will a low pay rate only attract bad testers?
Will your proprietary secrets get out?
Will the background you provide enable the crowd to test the way that you envisioned?
Is the crowd testing beyond your original questions to fit your business context?
How does one manage and inspire loyalty from people you’ve never met?
Working with the crowd means more than just inviting random people to look at your product.

The QualiTest Solution

QualiTest’s Managed Crowd Solution provides all of benefits of crowd testing combined with the knowledge that the solution is most efficiently packaged to fit your business context. We will handpick your own private crowd, designed to meet your needs, including security and permissions concerns (including an NDA if needed). Below are some of the benefits of a Managed Crowd Testing QualiTest Solution:
Benefits of the QualiTest Advantage:
Fragmentation Coverage
The crowd enables you to get the coverage you need, to cover every device, every browser, every OS version, every region, every carrier/network, and every language you require, merely by asking to cover that range. We have access to millions of testers using over 40 different platforms, all testing in-the-wild with real devices and real-world conditions, not simulators. Testing complements traditional testing, making the product more predictable with the wider coverage.
Real Users
Exploratory testing is performed by real users, not just project-skilled testers, who better understand how real users behave. For industries like retail, telco, media, gambling, and gaming, this means using participants who represent true end-customers but are now working as a private crowd for you, protecting your brand through their user experience feedback. All of the user-centric qualities you need can be provided in whichever combination you require, be it functional, user experience survey and trending, and/or usability and accessibility.
QualiTest Services
We can leverage the properly fragmented private crowd of real users to suit your needs. Additionally, QualiTest provides a dedicated on-site test lead to ensure results are delivered with zero overhead. Our test consultancy may suggest non-crowd services to complement the testing effort and provide a comprehensive solution.

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