Managed Testing Services

Software Testing Services

QualiTest’s functional testing services verify that each of your software application’s functions operate in conformance with their behavioral requirement specifications, ensuring behavioral adherence and quality.

 Mobile Testing Services

30Because mobile devices are becoming the dominant platform for content access, QualiTest emphasizes its mobile testing services to ensure that efficient testing is performed on each mobile device, version and platform.

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Website Testing Services

23QualiTest’s web testing services are used by numerous growing companies to ensure the proper functionality of their website, including vulnerabilities and performance issues.

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Test Automation

31QualiTest has successfully completed numerous Test Automation projects, and can assist in automating your test projects at various stages.

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Test Process Improvement

27QualiTest’s TPI solution allows you to understand the present position of your program while providing you with strategies for success.

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Security Testing

36QualiTest’s security testing services verify that the system’s information data is protected and that the intended functionality is maintained.

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Unit Testing

12QualiTest’s unit testing services enable our software testing experts to streamline your project flow more efficiently and effectively.

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Accessibility Testing

35QualiTest’s Accessibility Testing solution ensures compatibility with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, guaranteeing that your software is accessible to those with special needs.

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ETL Testing

29QualiTest’s ETL tools and best practices ensure that data is thoroughly integrated and that defects are discovered and fixed effectively.

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Load Testing

30See how QualiTest’s performance and load testing services allow companies to better understand their system’s capabilities and to anticipate load issues.

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IV&V Testing

28See how QualiTest’s IV&V services will ensure that your product, service, or system meets requirements and specifications and fulfills its intended purpose.

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Network Testing

15See how QualiTest’s integrated, end-to-end wireless testing services guarantee high-quality communication, while maintaining standards and regulations.

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Acceptance Test Driven Development

healthcareQualiTest’s ATDD services deliver efficiency, increasing quality and producing a definitive set of acceptance criteria in the early development stages.

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SOA Testing

26QualiTest understands the challenges with the structure, interaction of services, and the best tools and approach for testing in the SOA environment.

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Hardware Testing

31QualiTest’s structured methodology for hardware testing is designed to detect critical faults at the design stage and provide maximal coverage of test cases.

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Training Courses


QualiTest offers a variety of training courses that address testing principles, test planning, test methodology and test automation.

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Testing Tools

30QualiTest works closely with telecom and test equipment manufacturers, who provide us with state-of-the-art test equipment, software and OSS and Monitoring tools.

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