Test Center Of Excellence

Test Center Of Excellence

Sometimes, you need the expertise of a dedicated Test Center of Excellence to attack the risks associated with a particular testing focus.  QualiTest proudly provides Test Centers of Excellence to better serve a wide variety of industries, disciplines and services.

What is a Test Center of Excellence?

If you have a medical problem, you seek a well-reviewed specialist for your need who frequently performs the procedure.  The software testing equivalent is called the Test Center of Excellence (TCoE), which provides help from a respectable knowledge-focused source using a structured approach and consistent processes to handle the problem.  Enterprise level knowledge is retained and improved upon, and the expertise allows a quicker and higher-quality solution than one would expect otherwise.

The Risks

The risk of not using a TCoE is longer waits and using testers who may not be as familiar with the particular testing risks.  TCoE’s reduce testing time while still ensuring the coverage you need with dedicated testing specialists.  You may need a focus on:

An industry

Like medical records, data warehouses, banking or insurance

a testing service

such as performance or security

a testing discipline

like mobile testing or website testing on using eggPlant

Our TCoE’s include the areas mentioned above and more, and our wide range of test center types make QualiTest quite unique. We have specialty experts, we have assets (tests devices, test accelerators, pre-built environments, etc.), and we have repeatable structured protocols, ready to serve your needs.

A TCoE combines specialty knowledge and expertise with a structured approach using consistent processes to handle known challenges.
Our Test Labs provide you with independent testing services when there is no need for resources to be on client site or when it is not practical to do so.
Test Labs utilize resources — people, technologies and devices — from around a QualiTest Group to provide an excellent range of focused testing capability at an attractive cost.
Your service may be for just a few days or weeks on an occasional or repetitive basis, or a consistent service over a longer period — whatever best suits your needs.
QualiTest has made Test Centers of Excellence for Comverse, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Philips and TI, as well as insurance, banks, healthcare, telecoms, and defense contractors.  We have an RF test center, several mobile device test centers, and an SAP test center.

How it works

A local senior practitioner is responsible for engaging with you to establish your testing requirements, arrange the commercial agreement and oversee our testing service delivery end-to end. This ensures that you have a consistent point of contact for any queries or clarification.

A QualiTest Test Manager is engaged early in the process to ensure that we fully understand your needs, how the testing will be performed and the details of the timelines and deliverables. It is the Manager’s job to resource the testing, manage the team on a daily basis and produce the required reports.

Typically, the software to be tested is hosted at the client’s site, often in a specific testing environment. Our testers will require remote access to the software, either across the Internet or over a Virtual Private Network (VPN). We are also able to offer a hosting service.  The Test Lab is able to provide:

Static testing

to help you improve quality
of input to development and testing, significantly reducing the overall cost to test

Exploratory functional testing

an effective way to check user journeys, hunt down defects and get great coverage

Web and Mobile testing

we test using the most popular browsers and mobile devices per your need, and prefer real devices over simulated, including models of: iPhone, Google, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, iPad, Vizio, Kindle, Windows Surface, and ASUS Transformer Pad


we can significantly extend our managed services through our various partnerships for localization, access to world-wide geographies and a huge range of mobile devices to help you improve quality of input to development and testing, significantly reducing the overall cost to test

Scripted functional testing

we can use or extend existing scripts, or create entirely new ones for you

Automated testing

we can make use of your existing automation suites or create new ones using tools chosen to fit your needs

Non-functional testing

such as load and security

RF testing

we can poll cellular network adapters at a controlled rate while focusing on the following: Network Technology Type, Connection Status, RSSI, RSRP Average, ECIO Average, SINR Average, RSRQ Average, Locality proprietary signal QoS score, Roaming. RF performance testing is aligned with FCC / ETSI / TELEC standards and requirements.

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